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The Dough Bros are; singer/songwriter Stephen McClellan, Chris Conley, Burke Carroll, Anthony Rissesco & Denis Keldie -  With the addition of John Campelljohn in the Maritime version of the band.  


Stephen McClellan is a classically trained bassist and symphony orchestra musician.   The Dough Bros are his alter ego and as a singer/songwriter, guitarist and band-leader he has been active in the music scene in central Ontario. He now makes his home in Halifax with the odd trip back to Muskoka.


Burke Carroll is the foremost pedal steel, resonator guitar player in Canada.  His credits include work on albums by Murray McLaughlan, Hayden, Ian Tyson, Sarah Harmer, Ron Hynes, Kathleen Edwards, Luther Write & The Wrongs, k-os, and frankly he frightens us all.


Denis Keldie seems to get around the piano, accordion and mighty Wurlitzer nicely thank you very much.  He has recorded with Jeff Healey, Etta James, Doug Riley and wrote four albums for his band The Extras (Remember Circular Impression In My Wallet?).  He worked with Russell deCarle (Prarie Oyster) touring across Canada.  

Anthony Rissesco violinist extrordinaire of the Halifax music scene has played with Lenny Gallant, Anne Murray, Papilio  and Symphony Nova Scotia.


Chris Conley lives in Innisfil Ontario where he plays any instrument you put in front of him and then will disassemble and rebuild it better. He is a much in demand guitarist, bassist, mandolin player and all around diletante.

John Campbelljohn is a blues legend in Nova Scotia and hails from Cape Breton.  He is a multiple nominee for East Coast Music Blues Recording of the year and winner of the 2012 Celtic Blues winner from Music Nova Scotia. 

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